2013 All For One Theater Festival


Tickets on Sale August 1, 2013!

Mainstage Shows

Another Medea
Performed by Tom Hewitt; Written & Directed by Aaron Mark
In Another Medea, we meet the incarcerated Marcus Sharp, a onetime New York actor who recounts in gruesome detail how his obsessions with a man named Jason and the myth of Medea lead to horrific, unspeakable events. Tom Hewitt plays Marcus and others in this frighteningly provocative minimalist monodrama.

Beyond Words
Written & performed by Bill Bowers; Directed by Scott Illingworth

In a visual poetical world, Bill Bowers takes us on a journey from Boyhood to Manhood, and explores how culture informs gender. One of the most acclaimed multi-disciplinary artists in America today, Bowers employs a mixture music, monologues and mime to create a vibrant montage of stories that is Beyond Words.

A Carlin Home Companion: Growing Up with George
Written & performed by Kelly Carlin; Directed by Paul Provenza
Deftly weaving her amusing yet poignant family stories with classic video footage of her father’s career and family memorabilia, Kelly Carlin, the only child of iconoclastic comedian George Carlin, takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions and pulls back the curtain on their life together off stage.

Written & performed by Vichet Chum; Directed by Kyle Schaefer & Emily Ritger

To supplement his meager artistic life, Guy works graveyard shifts at the Hotel East Houston in New York City. Between the hours of 11pm and 7am, the hotel lobby transforms into a theater for Guy’s dreams. There, he encounters his parents, Ma and Ba and their stories of sacrifice and survival.

A Little Potato and Hard to Peel
Written & performed by David Harrell; Directed by Kirk White
In A Little Potato and Hard to Peel, David Harrell takes the audience on a journey that begins with the day he was born without his right hand. What starts out as one man’s challenge to accept his own strengths and limitations becomes a compelling charge for us all.

The Other Mozart
Written and performed by Sylvia Milo; Directed by Isaac Byrne
The Other Mozart is a play about Nannerl Mozart, the sister of Amadeus. It tells
the true story of this prodigy, a keyboard virtuoso and composer, who as a child
toured through all of Europe performing with her brother, to equal acclaim, but
who faded away and left behind nothing of her own.

Slut Energy Theory
Written & performed by Rene Marie; Directed by donnie l. betts

Told through music, spoken word and monologue, U’Dean speaks her mind as an elderly, yet ageless, woman whose harrowing life experiences have left her anything but speechless. From the opening song, she tells you exactly what she thinks about sex, heaven, lies, truth, you, herself and whatever else you might ask her – if you have the nerve. Written and performed by award winning vocal artist Rene Marie, Slut Energy Theory is one woman’s story about abuse, laughter, life, & pushin’ on through to the other side.

Those Who Can’t Do…
Written and performed by Erin Fleck; Directed by Shari Hollett

Shame. That’s what haunts high school teacher, Lillian Campbell. Lillian finds herself in the middle of a sex scandal involving her grade nine girls and the majority of the senior hockey team. In order to battle the humiliation and shame forced upon the girls, she must first battle her own.

Workshops/Master Class

SLAM! (Sing Like a MotherF#$*@^%!) for Solo
Taught by Rene Marie
Award winning singer and AFO perfomer Rene Marie presents SLAM!. SLAM! is a vocal therapy workshop designed to tackle the most troubling issues you may have about your voice / acting / singing. The goal of SLAM! is to reconnect you with your voice and learn how to listen to what your voice is telling you, listen to where it wants to go and what it wants to do. And then finding the courage to do it. Together we will open some doors, let the fresh air in and shine some light on the negative messages you may have received about your voice in the past – and the ones you continue to give yourself today. As we work through this process, you can use your fears and so-called flaws to sing / speak / act like a motherf*cker!

Oh, the Voices in My Head! Befriending the Gremlins of the Solo Show Process
Taught by Kelly Carlin
Using her ten years of experience as a creative life coach, Kelly Carlin guides you through exercises that help you to embrace the voices in your head to overcome resistance, procrastination and fear, and connect you to a sense of possibility, empowerment and freedom.  Whether you’re dealing with writer’s block, stage fright, or just a general sense of “What is next?”, you will walk away with a fresh perspective and a few new tools in your creative tool belt.

The Voice of the Body
Taught by Bill Bowers
Actor and mime Bill Bowers has written 5 plays, and very little of his “writing process” involves a pen and paper.  Join Bill for a fun filled workshop that incorporates Creative Movement and Mime as a means of supporting and augmenting the writer’s process. Explore how to be led by one’s “physical imagination” to surprising new places.
Thinking with the body, following impulses, and simply playing can turn the keys within us all toward more honest, creative work.

Soaring to Solo Superstardom (A How-to on Booking More PAYING Solo-Show Gigs)
Taught by Josh Rivedal
In this workshop, you’ll discover how solo-show performer, Josh Rivedal, went from being thousands of dollars in debt on his one-man show The Gospel According to Josh, to a full time international career that’s grossed more than $75,000 in only two years.
You’ll learn how to: create a niche or specialized market for your solo-show, establish yourself as king or queen of that niche, get your solo-show booked within that niche market, network inside and outside the arts, manage the “brand” of your solo-show, market your solo-show using social media and other innovative tools, and how to set a price for your solo-show. There will be also be a question and answer period to discuss in further depth the concepts taught in the seminar.

Writing for Solo Performance
Taught by Gretchen Cryer (AFO Advisory Board member) 
One of our most popular workshops returns! Whether your intent is stage performance, a short story, memoir, or novel, this workshop will help you access intense memories and write without censoring yourself. It will allow you to explore and enjoy the satisfaction of writing a first person narrative in the present tense, drawing from your own worlds of experience. The workshop will help you find your story and unlock its emotive potential. And finally, it will help you find your voice as both writer and performer, concluding with a reading of your material with full energy and a fully expressive body.

Acting on Impulse
Taught by Deb Margolin (AFO Advisory Board member)
Solo performance calls on the artist for a kind of immediacy and presentness common to all acting, but extraordinarily demanding on the solo stage. ACTING ON IMPULSE workshop will explore the joy and discipline of being fully present, in comical and rich conversation with ourselves and those around us. Impulsivity; the availability and receptivity of the mind and body to the exact moment they’re in, is the key to truthfulness and aliveness, in solo performance, any kind of performance, and life itself! Methods for evoking sensitivity and presentness in the moment, through extended study of behaving on impulse, will make us all silly, breathless and in love!


During the festival, All For One offers panel discussions allowing you to gain new insight into the world of solo theatre and theatre at large. Solo artists and theatre professionals sit on each panel and provide knowledge from their experience to help solo performers and other artists achieve success.

Know Thyself: The Autobiographical Solo Show
“Every autobiography is concerned with two characters, a Don Quixote, the Ego, and a Sancho Panza, the Self.” – W. H. Auden
Autobiographical shows span genres and topic, but share at their core an intimacy stemming from personal, lived experiences. In this panel, AFO performers take the stage, together, to discuss the hows and whys of autobiographical solo shows.

“And at last you’ll know with surpassing certainty that only one thing is more frightening than speaking your truth. And that is not speaking.” – Audre Lorde
Why tell women’s stories? Can storytelling bring power to those who have been silenced? Past and present AFO performers discuss their solo shows dedicated to shining light on the untold stories of women from around the world.

Something Wicked: Writing and Performing Dangerous Characters
“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” – Macbeth; William Shakespeare Showcasing characters who are, in the character’s minds, above morality and the law, AFO performers discuss the sociopathic, psychotic, and/or criminal characters whose stories they tell.

God I Hope I Get It: Submissions 101
Representatives from some of NYC’s leading festivals will present some tips, tricks, and pitfalls of festival applications from submissions announcement through acceptance and beyond!

Minding Your P’s and Cues: How to Speak Tech
Do you feel like technicians speak an alien language? Wondering how to convey your vision to a designer? Or do you just want to make your team’s communication flow a little more smoothly? All For One presents a panel of technical experts to explain how to talk tech, even if you can’t tell a twofer from an XLR.

Producing and Contracting for Your Solo Show
All For One’s most requested panel is back again. Join a range of producers, lawyers, and administrators for this talk on the practical and legal do’s, don’ts, and how-to’s of solo show producing.

Special Events

AFO Artist in Residence Program
The 2013 AFO Artist in Residence is James Judd. AFOFest 2013 is excited to present two workshop performances of James’ new solo show, Killer Quack.

Killer Quack
Written and performed by James Judd; Directed by Kevin Kennison
A true crime story. Dean Faiello posed as an Upper East Side doctor until one of his patients was discovered buried in his garage. The New York Post headlines called him The Killer Quack.  James Judd was just another of his victims until he began receiving letters from Attica.

For the first time ever, All For One Theater Festival is proud to present a solo show for young audiences:
The Boy Who Would Be Captain Hook
Performed by David Harrell; Directed by Kirk White
David Harrell brings to life a story of his childhood.  Born without his right hand and fitted with a prothetic hook, he’s not included in the games of recess until the game becomes Peter Pan! He is the perfect Captain Hook but soon grows tired of playing the part and decides he wants to be a hero. What happens when you decide not to be defined by your circumstances and change the game?

AFO Festival Salon
In addition to AFO festival programming, All For One is proud to announce the Festival Salon. The Salon will celebrate the vibrant and thriving solo theatre community with an evening of 10-minute excerpts from new works by up-and-coming solo performers, including the winner of the FRIGID One Award.  This performance is open to all for a suggested donation of $10 at the door!
Thursday, November 7 at 7pm

AFO Mentor Project
Come and see the future of solo performance at the 2013 AFO Mentor Project Showcase!
October 28 at 7pm. Tickets: $15 suggested donation.


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